You (the Client) hereby agree and acknowledge that:

All decisions at each stage and throughout the engagement, as to purchase, hiring or otherwise, are to be made promptly and definitively by the Client; any variations may incur additional fees and/or costs.

All decisions as to purchase, hiring or otherwise, of goods, services or otherwise, are solely of the Client.

TZAR Interiors shall not assume any and is absolved from all fitness for purpose or other similar obligations. TZAR Interiors will use its reasonable efforts to manage the proposed timetable and pace of the project.

TZAR Interiors may from time to time endeavour to obtain a discount in favour of the Client to the retail price of goods and services, for which there may or may not be a surcharge in favour of TZAR Interiors.

TZAR Interiors is hereby engaged only as an advisor to the Client and nothing in this engagement or otherwise gives rise to any fiduciary obligations on the part of TZAR Interiors.

Any liability of TZAR Interiors shall be strictly limited to the reasonable standard of skill and care required of an interior designer.

Under no circumstances shall TZAR Interiors have any liability or responsibility to the Client for or in connection with the performance or non-performance by any third party (including without limitation third party advisers, contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers or suppliers) of any of such third party’s services or quality or timeliness of such third party’s work or manufacture of goods, supplies or otherwise, irrespective of whether such third party has been retained by TZAR Interiors on behalf of the Client or otherwise.

The total aggregate liability to the Client or anyone else in contract, tort, under statute or otherwise for any loss or damage suffered by the Client (or by any other party) arising from or in connection with this engagement, however the loss or damage is caused or arises, including (without limitation) by the negligence of TZAR Interiors, shall be strictly limited to the total fees (for the avoidance of doubt, net of any costs, expenses or other charges) actually received by TZAR Interiors in connection with this engagement.

This limitation of liability shall not apply beyond the extent permitted by law.