TZAR is an interior design company, with an international portfolio of projects. The company offers exclusive services for a diverse range of clients in both residential and commercial sectors. TZAR regularly works with high net worth individuals, restaurateurs, property developing and construction companies. TZAR is a recognised brand for working on challenging and demanding projects including foreign embassies, restaurants, luxury residential properties and estates.

Studio creative director Evgenia N Gossen pays individual attention to each stage of TZAR Interiors projects which allows her clients to have the best service and wonderful experience in creating high quality interiors.


Many of our projects require architectural and engineering services. Our company offers our clients a wide range of services in remodelling the residential or commercial spaces.


Evgenia works with the best factories and suppliers around the world. Through the long and very good relationship with the manufacturers our studio offers completely bespoke design. Evgenia spends long time working together with craftsmen in their workshops or factories. Weather this is a small workshop in England or a large factory in Italy, Evgenia is passionate about creating bespoke solutions which include custom joinery, furniture, sourcing fabrics using all finishes wood, glass, metal and stone.


Became as one of the important services in design and our studio. With today’s innovations in interiors we create lighting solutions to make the whole interior to become alife. Our studio offers revolutionary resourceful solutions for architecture, interior and exterior spaces. We work hard to create one-off details for our furniture, specify unique solutions to mix architectural finishes and source accessories or objects of art and for everything to have its central stage we need to come up with the cleaver and appropriate lighting.


TZAR studio offers not only the bespoke solutions but also services in sourcing object of art, furniture, fabrics, lighting, finishes and accessories.


Studio offers the services for all ranges of clients and budgets: weather it is a multi million pound private residence or property developing project. We will find the solution which would suit you.